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✤ अगर आप खुद का कोई सत्ता मटका बाजार चलते है.तो उसका रिजल्ट इस सुपर फास्ट वेबसाईट में डलवाने के लिए नीचे दिए गए नंबर पे सम्पर्क करे ✤
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Game Open Close
MORNING KALYAN 11:10am 12:10pm
TIME BAZAR 01:00pm 02:00pm
GOLDAN DAY 02:45pm 04:45pm
MILAN DAY 03:05pm 05:05pm
RAJDHANI DAY 03:15pm 05:15pm
NEW MILAN DAY 03:35pm 05:35pm
KALYAN 03:45pm 05:45pm
GOLDAN NIGHT 08:45pm 10:45pm
MILAN NIGHT 09:00pm 11:00pm
NEW MILAN NIGHT 09:35pm 11:35pm
RAJDHANI NIGHT 09:30pm 11:45pm
MAIN BAZAR 09:37pm 12:10am

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There are various markets available like Milan Day, Milan Night, Rajdhani Day, Rajdhani Night, Main Day, Tara Night, Morning Kalyan, Time Bazar, Main Ratan. You can start with any of them and continue playing.
One can play game for any amount and also even start with the minimum amount of Rs. 100.
All of the statta markets are reliable. You can choose Kalyan Day or Kalyan Night, Rajdhani Day or Rajdhani Night and Milan day or Milan night.
Yes, you can find all the markets in the panel including the popular ones like Milan day, Rajdhani day, Kalyan Night, Morning Kalyan etc.
No, it is not legal in Maharashtra. As it is popular though the illegal game and quite popular in some regions of Maharashtra, the government of Maharashtra has banned online game सटका मतका.
The guessing forum is a service related to सटका मतका game where we help you to guess the lucky number.
There are a few varieties of game available in the market which also have subcategories like:
• Open
• Close
• Jodi
• Sangam
• Panel
• Jackpot
मतका is another popular gambling game hugely played in India like satka. In मतका, you also have to guess a number to play and win as you do in satka. It is one of the oldest gambling games which is played all over India. In past, at the initial level, it was played depending on the opening and closing rates of cotton and players used to invest in the numbers and winner used to receive a huge prize amount.
It is a kind of oldest gambling games popular in India and neighbourhood countries. It has its origin before the independence of India. Initially, satka game used to depend on the opening and closing price of cotton transmitted from New York Cotton Exchange.
One can learn about this game through the internet. There are multiple reliable sources available which you can reach via search engines. You can also go through the authentic informations available on your site about the game.
There are multiple different formats available of मतका which are known as panna or Patti or panel or pana. In a panna, there should be two same consecutive digits.
Though the game of सटका मतका used to depend on the opening and closing of the rate of cotton in New York Cotton Exchange, the number guessing has changed in present. Now in India, one has to guess a number from multiple sets of numbers to play the game.
There are a multiple types of मतका in India and it varies from region to region. But there are nine standard types available in Indian market which are:
• मतका
• Single
• Jodi/pair
• Open result
• Patti or panna
• Single Patti (SP), Double Patti (DP), Triple Patti (TP)
• Berji
• Cycle Patti
• Farak
This game totally goes on guessing. So, you have to guess the open and close. Then try to guess the jodi and the panna. There will be 10 open and close but 100 jodis and 220 pannas. So, choosing one number from 1-10 logically is equal to guessing a number from 100 or 200.
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No, the online form of सत्ता मटका is not legal in many states of India. As सत्ता मटका is a popular gambling game which is getting played by Indians for many decades, some of the Indian states have kept it legal but with some restrictions.
It is very easy to play game online. You can play at our website. You have to visit the site and find sets of number in many different formats. You have to choose a set of number and bet your money on it. At the time provided by the site, you will get to know your result. If you win then you will receive your money in your account. Our website is a reputed site for playing सत्ता मटका game online.
You can guess the number of satka marks Jodi by calculating the sets of the number provided in the site by the organizer. Also, the guessing of the number of Jodi depends on the type of the game as close, open, Sangam, Jodi, jackpot and many more.
Single patti is a particular format. Each panna has 12 single patti from which you have to choose your number and there are 120 single patti in total.